Meet the Team

★ Raul Garbelli
Warehouse Manager

★ Giulia Ghidotti
Distribution Product Manager

Firstly, we meet our warehouse manager.

For him, being in the warehouse is like being at home. 
Could it also be because he works with his brother William?

For our Distribution Product Manager, it is the people who make the difference in terms of quality of service.
It is not for nothing that she always goes out of her way to make customers happy and offer impeccable service.

★ Riccardo Faggiana
Sales & Marketing Specialist

★ Lorenzo Albieri
Sales Specialist

He is our Sales & Marketing Specialist but not only.

He is the one who has been following the e-Pipex project since the day of its creation and today he tells us what it means for him to take care of it every day.

He is our Sales Specialist.

Lorenzo Albieri, today reveals the secret of e-Pipex's accurate, fast and efficient service.

★ William Garbelli
Warehouse Specialist