Who we are

e-Pipex is the innovative online shop for stainless steel products and its derivatives. It is the digital evolution of the Pipex world, one of the largest European distributors of seamless steel pipes.

What will you find on e-Pipex?

A selection of partners of the highest quality and competence in their respective fields of application: from the development of the raw material to one of its potential end uses.

In which sectors are they used?

  • Hydraulics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Other critical industrial applications


The goal is to make the most of the client’s knowledge to design a more modern and customized purchase path.

When in July 2021 we launched e-Pipex, our primary objective was to simplify our customer’s purchasing process. In other words, we wanted to offer a way of reordering that would make him autonomous and independent. But, at the same time, recreate a familiar environment for circumstances and assistance.

Actually, we were not new to an online approach. Because for at least 10 years we have on our website a section called “Current Stock” where our customers can consult real-time the current-stock’s availability of our Italian warehouse, in detail which products and in what quantity. In addition they can request quotations and information. Now we have only “closed the circle” by giving the opportunity to complete their order in an automated way.

Clearly, we are referring to the second soul of Pipex, the one that manages the Italian warehouse and sells from the ready.


At the moment, on our e-commerce there are seamless stainless tubing and piping of various degrees, with different diameters and thicknesses. As well as customized lengths, from 6 meters down. Precisely to meet the technical or logistical needs of our customers, we offer a personalized cutting service.

To the quality of the product we combine the sustainability of the packaging: a cardboard tube conceived to contain the steel tubes purchased. Obviusly it is made of recycled and reusable material, tested to ensure compactness and total preservation of the products during transport.

We manage shipments throughout the European Union or it is the customer himself who comes to pick up in stock.